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Belz electric actuator three way control valve for conduction oil

Belz electric actuator three way control valve for conduction oil

Short Description:

Three way Flange type Electric Control Valve for Heat Oil Transfer Heat water.The Valve offers numerous benefits over other control valves including long life stem seals proven millions of times over,
flexible changeable trims offering multiple Kvs values per body size, precise and durable operation (even at high differential pressures) thanks to the vibration reducing shaft guiding, easy handling, the small footprint, rotatable upper part and reduced weight when compared with other control valves.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Suitable for non-critical complex control tasks uses in applications such as industrial complexes, plant construction and process
technology installations for mediums such as cooling water, cooling brine, warm water, hot water and steam.
Offered as standard in the trim with Cast Iron Body, Stainless Steel Trim and the Spring-Loaded PTFE V-Ring unit complete with
electric actuator with integrated positioner unit. Options available upon request include different trim materials, parabolic
plugs with PTFE seats, miniature Kvs values, increased tightness on seats i.e. Class IV leakage rate.
If you are not sure of the size, you require for your process please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Technical Sales
team who will be able to size the correct valve for your process.

Key Features:
* Flanged Connection
* Cast Iron Body & Stainless Steel Trim
* Spring Loaded PTFE V-Ring Unit
* Electric Actuator (90-264V AC 47-63Hz), 0-10V or 4-20mA Input
* Up to -10 to +220°C Temperature Rated
* DN15 to DN100, Kvs from 1 to 100
* 50:1 Rangeability


Control valve Body type: 3-way casting globe type
Spool type: 3-way double seat spool
Nominal size: DN20~300,、 NPS 3/4〞~ 12〞
Nominal pressure: PN16 ~ 100、 CLASS 150LB ~ 600LB
Connection: flange: FF、RF、MF、RTJ
Welding: SW、BW
Flange dimension: According to to IEC 60534
Electric 3-way control valve
Bonnet type:
Ⅰ:standard type(-20℃~230℃)
Ⅱ:Radiator type: (-45℃~ high than 230℃ occasion)
Ⅲ:Low temperature extended type(-196℃~ -45℃)
Ⅳ:Bellow seal type
Ⅴ:Warm insulation Jacket type
Packing: V type PFTE packing, flex. graphite packing, etc.
Gasket: Metal graphite packing
Electric 3-way control valve Actuator: Electric:373 series smart actuator

Belz electric actuator three way control valve for conduction oil performance

Electric 3-way control valve Flow characteristic Linear, percentage
Allowable range 30: 1
Rated Cv value Percentage / linear CV8.5~1280
Electric 3 way control valve
Allowable leakage
Metal seal:  IV grade(0.01% rated capacity)
Leakage standard:  GB/T 4213
Electric 3-way control valve Performance
Intrinsic error (%) ±1.0
Return difference(%) ≤1.0
Dead zone(%) ≤1.0
Difference from beginning to end point(%) ±2.5
Rated travel difference(%) ≤2.5

Belz electric actuator three way control valve for conduction oil technical parameter

Seat diamter(mm) 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Rated flow coefficient, CV 8.5 13 21 34 53 85 135 210 340 535 800 1280
Nominal size Travel Option flow coefficient Cv(★standard ●recommended)
DN25 16 mm
DN32 25 mm
DN65 40mm
DN125 60mm
DN250 100mm

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