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High performance Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve

High performance Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve

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High performance Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve enters the actuator through compressed air, drives the actuator to drive the butterfly valve disc to make a 90-degree rotation motion, and serves as the pipe switch and flow regulation.High performance Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve switch mode control is only used for valve opening and closing.The control type is to assemble the valve on the pneumatic actuator, and input the corresponding valve to adjust the butterfly valve plate arbitrarily from 0 to 90 degrees, so as to realize the control of parameters such as the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the consideration medium.Pneumatic operated butterfly valve has soft seal and hard seal in two types.High performance Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve can adapt to higher operating temperature, generally longer than the soft seal butterfly valve life, but it is difficult to achieve zero leakage.

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Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve specification
Nominal diameter: DN50~2000mm,
Nominal pressure: 1.0Mpa ~ 6.4Mpa,CL150-CL600
Connection: Flanged connection
Flow characteristics: approximate fast opening
Range: 0~90 degrees
Valve body structure: soft seal (middle line), hard seal (double eccentric, triple eccentric)
Seal: elastic seal, metal hard seal
Body material: ductile iron, carbon steel (WCB), stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, etc
Scope of application: gas, water, steam, oil, corrosive medium, etc
Leakage rate: (soft seal: zero leakage), hard seal: GB/T4213-92, is KV worth 10-4,
Applicable temperature: soft seal: -30°C~+150°C, hard seal: -40°C~+450°C,
Drive form: air source drive (compressed air 4~7bar) with handwheel
Air source interface: G1/4″, G1/8″, G3/8″, G1/2″
Mode of action: Single action (spring return) : Gas closed (B)- Valve position open (FO) : Gas open (K)- Valve position closed (FC) when gas lost
Type of action: Double action (ventilation switch) : Closed type (B)- Valve unchanged when losing air (FL) : open type (K)- valve unchanged when losing air (FL)
Control form: switching type (two-position switching control), intelligent control type (4-20mA analog control)
Ambient temperature: -30°C~+70°C
Product features: good liquidity, reliable sealing, small opening and closing torque, simple operation, energy saving.

High performance Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve feature
(1) Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve can ensure a variety of temperature range from ultra-low temperature to ultra-high temperature has a higher sealing performance.
(2) Small fluid resistance, large diameter pneumatic flange butterfly valve fully open when the flow area is large, quick opening and closing time labor saving.
(3) Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve is often used at room temperature environment, not suitable in high temperature.
(4) Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve can be used in medium and high pressure, etc.
(5) The actuator of Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve is divided into single action and double action, single action has normally open type and normally closed type two forms, can be reset to the initial state in emergency (open will close).
(6) Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve has the advantages of good sealing,long service life.
(7) Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve has a long service life, but the sealing performance is relatively worse than that of the pneumatic soft sealed butterfly valve.
(8)Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve is suitable for working conditions of water treatment, environmental protection, light industry, chemical industry and other industries at normal temperature and pressure.Pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve also can be used for heating, gas, oil and other high temperature and high pressure environment.
(9) It can realize miniaturization, mechanical self-locking, and different sealing rings can be replaced to meet different working conditions.

High performance Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve actuator parameter
Double acting actuators: switches are driven by air source, ventilation on, ventilation off, and air source failure to maintain the current position.
Single acting actuator: the switch is only on or off is driven by the air source, and the off or on is based on the spring position.
Single-acting normally closed type: ventilation on, air break off, air source fault off.
Single acting normally open type: ventilation closed, air break open, air source fault open.
Cut off accessories: single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, limit switch back signal
Regulating accessories: electrical, pneumatic and electrical converters
Reply: also known as limit switch, remote feedback switch (explosion-proof)
Solenoid valve: double-acting two five-way, single-acting two three-way (explosion-proof)
Triplet: it can stabilize the air source, filter and add lubricating oil to the cylinder
Air source treatment accessories: air filter pressure reducing valve, air source treatment triplet
Manual mechanism: Turn handwheel mechanism, open valve and close valve manually

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