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Piston actuator flush tank bottom valve (Disc type) with handwheel

Piston actuator flush tank bottom valve (Disc type) with handwheel

Short Description:

Pneumatic Tank Bottom Angle Valves are designed for the convenient and fast discharging the material or samples from the bottom of the reactor,drain or feed vessel .The valve can be welded or installed on the vessel through the flange at the bottom of the valve , tank bottom angle valves are most commonly installed on feeding of vessels or dead space free draining and pipelines.

Product Detail

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Features 1.This range of manual control tank bottom angle valve is manufactured in integrated structure.

2. Structures with disc opening into the tank and disc opening into the valve.

3. Available with 45° degree outlet angle in the body.

4. A rotation-resistant device is set up to ensure that the valve stem only has straight line motions and no rotation.

5.The protection plate makes for the outstanding erosion resistance and corrosion resistance of the valve body.

6.The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of over laying cemented carbide or painted with tungsten carbide. The auxiliary line sealing guarantee the reliability of the sealing performance.

Main specification and technical parameter

Nominal diameter DN(mm) 25X50 50X80 80X100 80X125 100X125 125X150 150X200 200X250 250X300
Rated flow coefficient Kv 11 43 110 110 170 275 440 690 960
Rated stroke L(mm) 30 40 60 100
Actuator area(cm²) ZMQF 320 600 720 1600
ZSQF 300 415 616 1134
Inherent flow characteristic Quick open
Nominal pressure PN(MPa) 1.6、2、4、5、6.3
Structure Put feed valve、Put down feed valve
Allowable leakge Metal seal IV、V Class
Soft seal VI、Zero leakage
Connection form Flange:HG/T20592-2009RF
Gas source pressure Ps(MPa) ZMQF 0.35
ZSQF 0.4~0.6

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