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Pneumatic CF8 full bore ball valve with limite switch

Pneumatic CF8 full bore ball valve with limite switch

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Pneumatic ball valve is composed of ball valve and single acting or double acting pneumatic actuator with accessories:.positioner,handwheel, solenoid valve,limit switch,air regulator.
Specific categories of pneumatic ball valves are: stainless steel pneumatic ball valve,carbon steel pneumatic ball valve, PTFE PFA lined pneumatic ball valve, Ceramic pneumatic ball valve,PVC CPVC pneumatic ball valve, sanitary pneumatic ball valve,2 way pneumatic ball valve,3 way pneumatic ball valve, 4 way pneumatic ball valve,segmented pneumatic ball valve,pneumatic floating ball valve,pneumatic trununion ball valve,pneumatic cryogenic ball valve,pneumatic high temperature ball valve,pneumatic high pressure ball valve and other ball valves.

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Pneumatic CF8 full bore ball valve with limite switch working principle

Pneumatic ball valves can be closed tightly with only a 90-degree rotation of the air source using pneumatic actuators.Completely equal body cavity for the medium to provide little resistance, through the flow.pneumatic ball valve is generally considered that the ball valve is most suitable for direct use.The main characteristic of the pneumatic ball valve is its compact structure, easy to operate and maintain, pneumatic ball valve is suitable for water, solvent, acid and natural gas and other general working medium, but also suitable for working conditions of poor medium, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene.The ball valve body may be integral or modular.

Pneumatic CF8 full bore ball valve with limite switch feature

1. The fluid resistance of pneumatic ball valve is small, and the resistance coefficient is the same as the pipe section of the same length.
2. Pnuematic ball valve is simple structure, small volume and light weight.
3. Compact and reliable, the sealing surface material of the pneumatic ball valve is widely used in plastic, good sealing, and has been widely used in the vacuum system.
4. Pneumatic ball valve is easy operation, fast opening and closing, rotation of 90° from full open to full close, convenient for remote control.
5. Pneumatic ball valve is easy maintenance, simple pneumatic ball valve structure, sealing ring is generally active, disassembly and replacement are relatively convenient.
6. When fully open or fully closed , the sealing surface of the pneumatic ball valve ball and seat is isolated from the media, which will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface when passing through.
7. Pneumatic ball valve is wide range of applications, sizes from small to a few millimeters, large to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.
8. Because the pneumatic ball valve power source is gas, generally 0.2-0.8mpa pressure, relatively safe.Pneumatic ball valve if the air leakage, relative to hydraulic, electric, gas can be discharged directly, no pollution to the environment, at the same time has a higher safety.

Pneumatic CF8 full bore ball valve with limite switch performance parameter
Pneumatic actuator: double action, single action normally closed, single action normally open
Accessories: optional directional solenoid valve, limit switch, air filter pressure reducing valve, electric positioner, handwheel mechanism
Voltage: AC220V, AC110V, AC380V, DC12V, DC24V, DC110V
Nominal diameter:DN15-600mm
Nominal pressure: 1.6mpa – 6.4mpa CL150-CL300
Suitable temperature:-30℃~450℃
Connection mode: flange type, thread type, welding type, clamp quick-install type
Valve body structure: O – type floating ball, fixed
Body material:WCB, 304, 316, 316L, etc
Valve ball material:WCB, 304, 316, 316L, etc
Seat lining: PTFE, PPL, hard seal, etc
Suitable medium: steam, liquid water, gas, etc

Pneumatic CF8 full bore ball valve with limite switch actuator information:

1). Pressure Range: Max. Working pressure 10bar
2). Air pressure: 2.5bar~8bar
3). Adjustment Range: 90° ± 5°
4). Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +90° C
5). Type: Double-acting, Single-acting (spring return)
6). Optional accessories: Solenoid valve, limite switch, electric position, air regulator
7). Lubrication: All the moving parts are coated with lubricants, extending their service life
8). Life Time: One million time

Pneumatic CF8 full bore ball valve with limite switch adopts a new series of pneumatic actuators, with double action type and single action type (spring return), pinion and rack drive, safe and reliable;Large diameter valve using series AW pneumatic actuator fork transmission, reasonable structure, large output torque, double action and single action.
1. Geared double piston with large output torque and small volume.
2. The cylinder is made of aluminum and gold, light in weight and beautiful in appearance.
3. Manual operation mechanism can be installed at the top and bottom.
4, rack type connection can adjust the opening Angle, rated flow.
5. The actuator can choose feedback indication of live signal and various accessories to realize automatic operation.
6. IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for product installation and replacement.
7. Pitch screws adjusted at both ends can provide ±4° adjustable range for standard products at 0° and 90°.Ensures synchronization accuracy with ball valve.

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