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Pneumatic three way control valve

Pneumatic three way control valve

Short Description:

ZXPF/ZDLPF/ZAZPF series Pneumatic Three Way(3-way) Diverting Control Valve (GAZDLQ) Characteristics:
Regulating valve for regulating media flow, pressure and liquid level.According to the opening of regulatory signals, automatic control valves, so as to achieve medium flow, pressure and level of regulation.
Pneumatic  control valve is used to drive compressed air and thus drive the valve actuator to control the flow, which is the industrial automation and process control is an important instrument of execution units. As the degree of automation industry increasing, more and more being used in various industrial fields. Pneumatic control valve signal received by the industrial automation and control systems (eg: 4 ~ 20mA) to drive the change in cross-sectional area the size of the valve plug and seat piping between the control medium flow, temperature, pressure, etc..

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Technical specification

1.Pneumatic steam three way control valve is compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, low pressure drop loss, new high allowable pressure, large valve capacity, accurate flow characteristics and convenient maintenance, etc.,
2.Pneumatic steam three way control valve can be used for various working conditions, especially for the temperature control system of oil industry heat exchange and automatic control of other industries.
3.Spool structure with side guiding, well stability, no vibration, low noisy, Pneumatic steam three way control valve can bear high pressure difference, easy for connection.
4.While with low nominal size and pressure difference,Pneumatic steam three way control valve can be used in diverting occasion. However, while nominal size higher than DN100 and high pressure difference,mixting control valve and divertinging control valve can’t be exchanged. 

Detailed Information: (See the Chart)

Nominal Diameter DN (mm) 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
Rated Flow Factor (KV) Confluence 8.5 13 21 34 53 85 135 210 340 535
  Distributary 8.5 13 21 34 53 85 135 210 340 535
    Can be Instead by Confluence System          
Rated Stroke L (mm) 16 25 40 60
Diaphragm Active Area Ae (c m 2 ) 280 400 600 1000
Nominal Pressure PN (Mpa) 1.6 4.0 6.4
Inherent Flow Characteristic Straight Line, Parabola
Inherent Adjustable Rate R 30
Working Temperature t( °C ) Common:Cast Iron -20 ~ 200 Cast Steel -40~250 Cast Stainless Steel -60 ~ 250

Heat Dissipation:Cast Steel -40 ~ 450 Cast Stainless Steel -60~450

Two Media Temperature Difference t( °C ) Cast Iron≤ 150 Cast Steel, Cast Stainless Steel≤ 200
Sign Range Pr(kPa) 40~200
Bleed Pressure Ps(MPa) 0.14~0.4
Permit Leakage Rate 10 -4 X Valve Rated Capacity
Permit Pressure Distance  P(MPa) 0.86 0.75 0.48 0.31 0.27 0.18 0.11 0.12 0.09 0.05


Pneumatic three way control valve structure drawing

pneumatic three way  (1)

Pneumatic three way control valve flow direction

pneumatic three way  (

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