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stainless steel pneumatic 3 way mixing/diverting regulating valve

stainless steel pneumatic 3 way mixing/diverting regulating valve

Short Description:

Pneumatic 3 way mixing/diverting regulating valve is mixting structure to mix two-way flowing fluid  into one-way fluid ,penumatic 3 way control valve has diverting and mixing structure,Pneumatic 3 way mixing/diverting regulating valve adopts double valve cores up and down guide structure, equipped with multiple spring actuator.Pneumatic 3 way mixing/diverting regulating valve can replace two sets two-way valve and widely used in many occasions to regulate pressure, flow rate, temperature and liquid level.​

Product Detail

Product Tags

Pneumatic 3 way mixing regulating/control valve body has the features as below:

1.compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, low pressure drop loss, new high allowable pressure, large valve capacity, accurate flow characteristics and convenient maintenance, etc.,
2.Pneumatic 3 way mixing regulating valve can be used for various working conditions, especially for the temperature control system of oil industry heat exchange and automatic control of other industries.
3.Spool structure with side guiding, well stability, no vibration, low noisy, Pneumatic 3 way mixing regulating valve can bear high pressure difference, easy for connection.
4.While with low nominal size and pressure difference, 3 way mixing regulating valve can be used in diverting occasion. However, while nominal size higher than DN100 and high pressure difference, Pneumatic 3 way mixting regulating valve and Pneumatic 3 way diverting regulating valve can’t be exchanged.
 Pneumatic 3 way control valve Body type: 3-way casting globe type
Spool type: 3-way double seat spool
Nominal size: DN20~300 NPS 3/4〞~ 12〞
Nominal pressure: PN16 ~ 100、 CLASS 150LB ~ 600LB
Connection: flange: FF、RF、MF、RTJ
Welding: SW、BW
Flange dimension: According to to IEC 60534
Pneumatic 3 way control valve
Bonnet type:
Ⅰ:standard type(-20℃~230℃)
Ⅱ:Radiator type: (-45℃~ high than 230℃ occasion)
Ⅲ:Low temperature extended type(-196℃~ -45℃)
Ⅳ:Bellow seal type
Ⅴ:Warm insulation Jacket type
Packing: V type PFTE packing, flex. graphite packing, etc.
Gasket: Metal graphite packing
Control valve Actuator: Pneumatic:multi-spring diaphragm actuator, piston type actuator.

Material list

Component name Control Valve Material
Body/Bonnet WCB/WCC/WC6/CF8/CF8M/CF3M
Valve spool/Seat 304/316/316L(overlaying stellite alloy)
Packing Normal:-196~150℃ is PTFE,RTFE,>230℃ is flexible graphite
Bellow 304,316,316L
Gasket Normal:Stainless steel with flexible graphite,Special:Metal tooth type gasket
Stem 2Cr13/17-4PH/304/316/316L
Diaphragm Cover Normal:Q235,Special:304
Diaphragm NBR with reinforced polyester fabric
Spring Normal:60Si2Mn,Special:50CrVa

Valve performance

Pneumatic 3 way control valve Flow characteristic Linear, percentage
Allowable range  30: 1
Rated Cv value Percentage / linear CV8.5~1280
Pneumatic 3 way regulating valve/control valve
Allowable leakage
Metal seal:  IV grade(0.01% rated capacity)
Leakage standard:  GB/T 4213
Pneumatic 3 way control valve Performance
Intrinsic error(%) ±1.5
Return difference(%) ≤1.5
Dead zone(%) ≤0.6
Difference from beginning to end point(%) ±2.5
Rated travel difference(%) ≤2.5

Valve Special Requirment

Special test Material penetration flaw detection (PT), radiator test (RT), flow characteristic test,
low temperature test.
Special treatment Trim nitrogen treatment, seat hard alloy treatment.
Special rinse Degreasing and dehydration treatment
Special condition Special piping or connection, vacuum condition, S.S fastener, special coating.
Special dimension Customized face to face length or dimension
Test and inspection Third party test report

Technical parameter

Seat diameter(mm) 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Rated flow coefficient, CV 8.5 13 21 34 53 85 135 210 340 535 800 1280
Nominal size Travel Option flow coefficient Cv(★standard ●recommended)
DN25 16 mm
DN32 25 mm
DN65 40mm
DN125 60mm
DN250 100mm


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